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CEO's Message
Dr. Won-Hyung LEE


Greeting from the chairman

Hello everyone.
Since the establishment of the Korean Computer Game Society in 1998, it has been developing, publishing the Journal 1 in 2002, and registered as a journal of the Korea Research Foundation in 2009. Currently, we have about 1000 members. I think this achievement is thanks to your cooperation.

Since my inauguration in 2002 as Vice Chairman and publishing the first issue of the Korean Computer Game Society, Dec.2002, I have published more than 400 papers. All of these are database-based, Open Access Journal, allowing everybody to view them anytime, anywhere.

Since then, the most important project we have been doing is strengthening academic activities, which is the mission of the society. We have held an international conference in August last year and will hold a computer game workshop in December this year to participate in an international conference in the Philippines. We will hold international conferences by accumulating our experience of participating in international conferences. In addition, we will promote the publication of the journal in English and develop it as an EI, SCI(E) international Index.

In the 21st century, culture industry became the most popular industry. Among them, the industry representing the digital economy is the game industry. The game industry is high value-added industry among a lot of cultural industries. In the future, all industries will be digitalized with the cultural industry, and the importance of the gaming industry will be expanded.

As a chairman, I feel a sense of responsibility, and I will do my best to become an academic society by further activating academic activities in the future.

May God bless you and your family.

March. 1, 2014,

2nd Chairman of Korean Society for Computer Game,
Won-Hyung LEE, Professor, Department of Image Science, Graduate School of Advanced Imaging, Chung-Ang University

Purpose of establishment

The 21st century is called the age of culture industry. The future society will be the age when the demand for the abundance and enjoyment of emotion increases.

In this age, consumption of cultural contents will expand and develop.

The game industry is one of the most representative industries in the cultural industry, including technology, culture, humanities, and industrial sectors, and game development is being carried out in order to expand the linkage between the separate industries. The game industry is becoming an industry that can drive the development of the entire cultural industry. Therefore, universities with education and research functions and industries with production technologies should cooperate with the government as follows.

1. Activate the game industry.
2. Develop curriculum of educational institutions to develop game technology and technical personnel.
3. Hold research presentations and lectures on related technologies.
4. Publish articles, journals and related literature. 
5. Support internationalization and standardization of game technology.
6. Support international academic exchanges that can industry, academia and the government can cooperate together.
7. Promote common interests and friendship among members.

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